INTEGRATED Smart Home Devices

Security tools that help reduce crime and protect people and property. They deter revenue loss from stolen merchandise, destruction of valuable information and vandalism. 

IP cameras and video servers have built in web servers so that the surveillance video that they transmit can be viewed directly from the camera over the Internet using a web browser.

The SmartThings app and Hub will instantly connect to different sensors, locks, light switches, outlets, thermostats, and other compatible devices in your home.

Smart Home Hub
Security Camera Maintenance

Since Smart Hub is compatible with hundreds of smart devices from a variety of manufacturers, once you have a SmartThings Hub and free app, you can add as many other popular smart devices as you want to create a fully connected home.

Maintenance of your CCTV system is vital

to ensure its' effectiveness.  Packages for maintenance are available to meet your security needs.

Install your TV and home theater system. We can mount your TV, set up your audio and video products, connect them all to a home network and much more!

TV Mounting 

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